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Product Spotlight: Rockford Fosgate HD14-SBSSUB Harley Subwoofer Kit

For years, HarleyDavidson -owners have craved a way to add great bass to their touring bikes. Finally, the powersports audio fanatics at Rockford Fosgate have just released a drop-in solution called the HD14-SBSUB. This motorcycle subwoofer kit works with 2014 and newer Street Glide and Electra Glide and 2015 and newer Road Glide bikes that have Stage 2 or Stage 3 Rockford Fosgate speaker and amplifier kits already installed.

Altered Sound
Rockford Fosgate Harley Davidson

Details of the Rockford Fosgate HD14-SBSUB Harley Subwoofer Kit

The HD14-SBSUB includes a pair of 10-inch M1D2-10B subwoofers that are mounted in rotomolded HDPE enclosures. The enclosures fit the stock Hardshell bags, with no modifications required other than the grille installation. This installation design means that there’s no delay for custom paintwork to prevent you from being back on the road in about a day. The system is powered by a four-channel M5-800X4 800-watt amplifier. The amplifier channels are wired in a bridged configuration to provide each subwoofer 200 watts RMS or 400 watts peak.

In terms of cables and wiring, everything is included in the kit so that our technicians can integrate the system into your bike efficiently. Rockford includes Deutsch and Amphenol water-resistant connectors to make it easy for your technician to remove the saddlebags if they need to get to the rear suspension or wheel. Rockford thought of everything when designing the system, including provisions for the TMS69 speaker magnets from the TMS69BL14 saddlebag speaker kits. They’ve even got new wiring for those rear speakers to keep everything tidy.

Altered Sound
Harley Davidson Subs

Flexible Subwoofer System for Your Motorcycle

The bass from the subwoofers exits the saddlebags through two-piece mesh grilles that face toward the rear wheel of your bike. If you need the space, you can remove one or both of the enclosures, and Rockford Fosgate includes a pop-in cover to help keep water out should you get caught in the rain.

If you’re ready to add some kick to the audio system on your motorcycle, drop by Altered Sound or send us an email and ask about the new Rockford Fosgate HD14-SBSUB motorcycle subwoofer system for Harley-Davidson touring bikes. Once you experience this system, you’ll never look at motorcycle audio upgrades the same.


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